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We Create the Space for Things to Happen

Space Bangkok supports peacebuilding, resilience, leadership development, and strategic problem solving using creative facilitation, capacity building, and accompaniment.  We help individuals, teams, and organizations solve problems, think strategically, build resilience personally and organizationally, nurture their creative innovation, and build peace and understanding so they can thrive.  As a social enterprise, we are committed to reinvesting a majority of our profits into making these services accessible to all and achieving our social mission.

What We Do

Resilience is in how you move forward and perservere.
"Aimless time is the beginning of creative time, of innovation, of breakthrough."
- John Paul Lederach

The Space Bangkok Approach

Space Bangkok creates a pause from the frenetic pace of work and life to foster resilience and innovation. We do so through an elicitive, creative, and dynamic approach that kindles opportunities for creative reflection and encourages innovation, connection, and strengthened communication.  We provide the time, space, and setting for people to make tangible progress in overcoming obstacles, discovering new approaches, and developing experiential lessons.

Space Bangkok's Vision

Space Bangkok supports peacebuilding and the creation of:

  • Resilient individuals, teams, and organizations

  • Increasingly creative and effective processes

  • Leadership for resilience and creativity

Contact Us

We are always looking for new partnerships: 

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