Space Bangkok

42 Sukhumvit Soi 65

Phra Khanong Nuea, Wattana

Bangkok, Thailand

part of the Humanity's Thread group

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Our Story

It went on for years.  I accompanied peacebuilders through their times of transition, struggle, crisis, realization, and healing.  And all along I was dealing with my own struggles - the aftermath of harassment, grief, and my own burnout.  The forces that paved this road we walked gradually became clearer, as did the realization of their prevalence, not only in the peacebuilding field, but beyond.  And echoing around it all was a single thought: this is wrong and it doesn’t have to be this way.

All the while, I was doing work that regularly required creativity and innovative ideas for problem solving and program development and improvement.  And I increasingly found it impossible to meet this demand.  The spark of creativity inside me was dead, thus there was no creative energy to feed innovation.  And I had no idea where to find it, how to restart it, or where to even start looking for answers.

My experience is in no way unique.  Far too many of us unnecessarily find ourselves where I did.  

As with many journeys, mine included a crucial turning point.  It was the moment I refused to accept this reality and at the same time rejected the most often shared advice that healing myself would mean changing my situation in ways that were not possible for me at the time.  It was the moment I became determined to find some other way out.

As I forged my way, an idea that had lingered for years finally began to gain purpose and take shape.  Something could most certainly be done about the unwellness of peacebuilders and others.  Both individual and structural forces were at work, and both levels could be engaged.  The gap of the inadequacy of the existing resources I had access to could be filled.  We could do better at supporting people and organizations towards resilience.

Ultimately, the pursuit of this mission led to starting Space Bangkok, an organization working to promote resilience for innovation by creating space for things to happen individually and organizationally through encouraging ongoing resilience practice and incorporating reflective elements in leadership, capacity building, facilitation, problem solving, and other work.  For me, Space Bangkok brings together an absorbing need to delve more deeply into resilience practice and ways to nurture inner creativity with a passion for peacebuilding, training, and facilitation.  In blending these elements, we are working to equip and accompany for resilience, growth, transformation, and peace.

Jenn Weidman

Founder & CEO

Jenn is a facilitation, training, and peacebuilding professional with over 15 years’ experience working on capacity building programs in Thailand.  Her areas of specialty include facilitation and training design and delivery, resilience practice, current issues of Thailand and Southeast Asia, cultural competency, concepts of peace and conflict resolution, conflict sensitive program design, conflict analysis/assessment, creativity and peacebuilding, and other peace and conflict studies issues.  An anthropologist by training, she is fluent in Thai.  Jenn enjoys working wood into talking sticks, composing the odd haiku, gardening on her balcony, and cooking, and is a student of Thai martial arts.