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Our Story

“It went on for years.  I accompanied peacebuilders through their times of transition, struggle, crisis, realization, and healing.  And all along I was dealing with my own struggles - the aftermath of harassment, grief, and my own burnout.  While the demands for more and more creativity and innovation didn’t stop, I had no energy, no spark, to draw on.  The forces that paved this road we walked gradually became clearer, as did the realization of their prevalence, not only in the peacebuilding field, but beyond.  And echoing around it all was a single thought: this is wrong and it doesn’t have to be this way.” – Jenn Weidman, Founder & CEO


As a result, Space Bangkok was officially born in 2016 and we’ve been growing in depth and breadth ever since. 


With backgrounds working in the peace, development, and humanitarian sectors on difficult topics and in difficult situations, our Space Bangkok team is no stranger to the darker sides of difficult work.  In fact, we are in many ways bound together through our common experiences of burnout, depression, grief, and other challenges.  And it is why we do this work.  Having walked our own paths through darkness, we are magnetically drawn to finding better ways.


Space Bangkok supports peacebuilding, resilience, leadership development, and strategic problem solving using creative facilitation and capacity building.  We help individuals, teams, and organizations solve problems, think strategically, build resilience personally and organizationally, nurture their creative innovation, and build peace and understanding so they can thrive. 


Based in Bangkok, we work both regionally and globally and our team is fully bilingual in Thai and English.  Connect with us to find out more at


Jenn is a facilitation, resilience, training, and peacebuilding professional with over 20 years’ experience working in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and around the world.  Her areas of specialty include process facilitation and training design and delivery, resilience practice, leadership development, current issues of Thailand and Southeast Asia, cultural competency, concepts of peace and conflict resolution, conflict sensitive program design, conflict analysis/assessment, creativity and peacebuilding, as well as other peace and conflict studies issues.  An anthropologist by training, she is fluent in Thai.  Jenn enjoys working wood into talking sticks, composing the odd haiku, gardening, and cooking, and is a student of Thai martial arts. 

Jenn Weidman, Founder & CEO

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