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The Space Bangkok Approach

Space Bangkok supports peacebuilding, resilience, leadership development, and strategic problem solving using creative facilitation and capacity building.  We create a pause from the frenetic pace of work and life to foster resilience and innovation through an elicitive, creative, and dynamic approach that kindles opportunities for creative reflection and encourages innovation, connection, and strengthened communication.  We provide the time, space, and setting for people to make tangible progress in overcoming obstacles, discovering new approaches, and developing experiential lessons.

Facilitation & Training


Space Bangkok offers custom facilitation, training, retreats, coaching, and mentoring, in both Thai and English, in virtual, hybrid, and in-person settings.  Facilitation and training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • leadership development

  • strategic planning

  • future visioning

  • teambuilding & staff retreats

  • multi-party facilitation

  • problem solving

  • resilience practice

  • Theory of Change

  • Systems Thinking Processes

  • study tours

  • cross cultural skills

  • communication skills

  • conflict management in the workplace

  • facilitation training

  • concepts of peace & conflict resolution

  • conflict sensitive program design

  • conflict analysis/assessment

  • creativity & peacebuilding

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