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We Create the Space for Things to Happen

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Space Bangkok offers custom facilitation, training, retreats, coaching, & mentoring in both English & Thai for local, regional, & international groups.

We offer these services both online and in person alongside a roster of online courses on topics such as resilience and peace.


Are you feeling lost, worn down, burnt out, or stressed to a breaking point? If so, our retreats are for you.  We aim to help you reinvigorate, renew, and reconnect with your creativity, drive, and sense of self.  Creative activities involving nature, working with your hands, movement, music, storytelling, and more will help you live your best life and do your best work.

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WE-Can is a technical and peer support program for women entrepreneurs looking for a place to share the challenges of entrepreneurship, build connections in the business community, and take their business to the next level. WE-Can was founded by women, for women, and is implemented by Space Bangkok in collaboration with a variety of partners.

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