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Dialogue & Reconciliation

Our dialogue and reconciliation work brings diverse groups together, bridging generations and perspectives toward deeper understanding.

Capacity Building, Research, & Mentoring

Our capacity building work includes topics such as peacebuilding, analysis, nonviolent strategies, multi-sectoral engagement, social change, and more.

Growing Sustainable Peace

Across Asia, there is a trend of simultaneous resurgent increase in the power of authoritarian governments and strong-men figures alongside a decrease and narrowing of space for civil engagement and civil society.  At the same time, a new generation is rising to advocate for the changes they want to see in their communities and countries. Growing Sustainable Peace aims to engage this constellation of dynamics through accompanying individuals and groups currently working on social change and being of benefit to society, spanning all generations and with special focus on young leaders.  The nature of the work of Growing Sustainable Peace is as follows:


Our resilience and healing work includes elements of nature, ecology, and sustainable regenerative agriculture and urban agroecology, building individual and community resilience while attending to trauma healing.

Resilience & Healing


Growing Sustainable Peace is a partnership initiative with GO Organics Peace International, a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong focused on bringing sustainable agroecology for peacebuilding.

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