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What People are Saying about Us

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"Jenn and Space Bangkok really exceeded our expectations. They provided essential and effective help on our annual planning meeting, which went without a glitch thanks to their solid preparation (and being quick on their feet). From the outset, it was a pleasure to work with Jenn. Her responses were intuitive, her approaches creative, and her facilitation skills and ideas pitch-perfect for our team. She was a font of ideas in the planning process, and exuded a confidence that was well-justified in implementation. Thanks, Jenn and team, for a fantastic partnership!"

- Karyn Kaplan, Executive Director, Asia Catalyst

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"I was fortunate to work with Jenn in conducting workshops and trainings for multisectoral stakeholders. As a facilitator and trainer, she has shown high level of professionalism and competence in these fields. Building consensus among various stakeholders is not always an easy feat but Jenn has the ability to adapt and be flexible in her methods in achieving set objectives in an inclusive and participatory manner. As a participant to these events, I always appreciated her use of appropriate tools and games in making the exchange and learning more fun and enjoyable."

- Solomon Benigno, USAID Preparedness and Response Project

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“It has boundaries but it breathes. There was an intention, there was a structure, but it was loose enough that you could work within it. So it was the right balance between structure and not structure.  I felt more calm after the retreat. More centered, more focused, more balanced, more at ease. After the retreat I had a new energy in my work. That’s the unique value of the Space retreats."

- Resilience Retreat participant


“I really loved learning about how important connection is.  Connecting to people in ways we often don’t try or aren’t comfortable with or aren’t familiar with.  I also really like that a central theme is how we communicate, even though it’s not spoken a lot.  Instead of preaching it, we all have the opportunity to reflect.  For me that’s what the retreat is all about – connecting and bringing new ways of being with people so that we not only have resilient lives but for the communities we work with we bring that resilience too."

- Resilience Retreat participant


“You always have an excuse, right?  I don’t have enough time.  I have too much work to take four full days off.  So the retreat is a great way to get away and be in the best environment and you can actually relax.  And the activities also help you to reflect on life, to think – not just not thinking.  And those thoughts actually teach you some things.  Before coming here I was thinking: do I really need a retreat?  Can I just relax somewhere, go to the beach, and, you know, not thinking?  But actually this retreat is more than just taking a vacation.  So it is giving me back something – the reflection that I need.  This is the third day and by mid-day today I already feel refreshed, energized, and motivated again.”

- Resilience Retreat participant

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“First of all I would define it as an un-retreat.  It’s not what usually you get in a retreat.  What I get out of this four days together with people, having a mix between sharing, doing things, activities, thinking, journaling, poetry, is time to cool down and let whatever needs to come to the surface come alive and bring what really matters to the surface.  And I like the fact that there is not a strong structure.  So we really go with the flow of what is needed and the time is given for what matters to be present and for what needs to still simmer and take its time to do so.  And something that I haven’t seen that often that is really letting words or poetry get deep into the soul and the heart so you are poked in a way that doesn’t happen normally, at least in my life.”

- Resilience Retreat participant


I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I am so thankful of the opportunity. I feel this has been a full body experience, head, heart and hand. I also found this a an environment of trust where I could relax. I loved the connection to nature and being grounded in activity.”

- Resilience Retreat participant


"I was able to experience the power and residual benefits of what you create within these peace retreats. Loved the sense of community, the nurturing, the sharing of meals around a big table.  Immersing myself in wood, tools, nature, billy tea and scones was wonderful.  It was GREAT getting back to fun, creative, natural and simple things – the talking stick activity was particularly memorable for me.  It pulled up some of my well-hidden childhood exuberance."

- Resilience Retreat Participant


"I really thought that the retreat was excellent. It provided the space for peace workers to better connect with their own inner thoughts and feelings regarding their own personal peace. This I thought was excellent, too often we focus on our trauma, rather than our own inner places of peace."

- Resilience Retreat Participant


“I am still sitting with it and allowing thoughts to just bubble up when they are ready.  To me that just confirms how the [facilitators] were able to create a safe place for some very deep work. Their presence and direction with the program was always there even with all our little eccentricities.  I thought the love they expressed in the food they prepared for us was a constant throughout the retreat. Their service to us was given generously withholding (with us and holding us) any ego on their part.”

- Resilience Retreat Participant


"Thank you for a very successful retreat and the space it provided for reflection, relaxation, and rest in a very beautiful setting.   Beginning with morning tea over a fire in the open set the tone for the next few days.   The poetry and haiku required some internal searching whilst working with wood was relaxing.   Sharing music,  the long walks by the beach, the introspection, and not to forget the wonderful food and wine and evening chats made it all very memorable.   It was a privilege to share with others their world view and work."

- Resilience Retreat Participant

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