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Resilience Retreats

"Jenn and Space Bangkok really exceeded our expectations. They provided essential and effective help on our annual planning meeting, which went without a glitch thanks to their solid preparation (and being quick on their feet). From the outset, it was a pleasure to work with Jenn. Her responses were intuitive, her approaches creative, and her facilitation skills and ideas pitch-perfect for our team. She was a font of ideas in the planning process, and exuded a confidence that was well-justified in implementation. Thanks, Jenn and team, for a fantastic partnership!"

- Karyn Kaplan, Executive Director, Asia Catalyst

"I felt more calm after the retreat. More centered, more focused, more balanced, more at ease. After the retreat I had a new energy in my work. That’s the unique value of the Space retreats."

- Resilience Retreat participant

"For me, it was a really moving experience, that I never imagined would be so valuable.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart, as I continue to use the techniques taught everyday as my life flows and ebbs along. Some emotional burdens I've been carrying a long time have been released, and it's made me feel very grateful."

- Resilience Retreat participant

"I was fortunate to work with Jenn in conducting workshops and trainings for multisectoral stakeholders. As a facilitator and trainer, she has shown high level of professionalism and competence in these fields. Building consensus among various stakeholders is not always an easy feat but Jenn has the ability to adapt and be flexible in her methods in achieving set objectives in an inclusive and participatory manner. As a participant to these events, I always appreciated her use of appropriate tools and games in making the exchange and learning more fun and enjoyable."

- Solomon Benigno, USAID Preparedness and Response Project

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