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Dive into both foundational and cutting edge concepts of peacebuilding and conflict resolution and apply them to your own experience. Each interactive session will focus on a specific topic, exploring both theoretical foundations and practical applications for how you see and interact with your world.

Sample Topics Covered

  • Peace Concepts Introduction

  • Approaches to Resolution

  • Analysis & Root Causes

  • Culture & Gender

  • Media & Digital Love/Hate

  • Nonviolent Social Transformation

  • Mediation & Peacebuilding

  • Environment & Peace

  • Trauma, Healing, & Reconciliation

  • Creativity & Peace

Course Logistics

Course Structure

  • 2 hour live, online sessions

  • 1 session per week

  • 10 sessions per course

  • Small cohort size

  • Interactive and exploratory of real life application of concepts

Course Cost

  • Course time will be agreed upon by participants, taking time zones into account. 

  • This course uses the Zoom online meeting platform.

  • THB 12,000 or US$400

  • To be paid upon agreement of course time

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