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Inner Space: The Final Frontier

“What space?” they ask when they see my business card. “You mean you rent out office space?” Actually, it’s more like the space within, the space without, and the space between us. Ultimately, we all need space. Space to discover who we are and then be ourselves. Space together and space apart. Space to be heard and space to simply listen. Space to challenge the way things are and ponder the big questions that surround our existence. Space to fall and fail, and space to not have all the answers. Space to chase our dreams and potential, to create the new and preserve the old. And space to push through and rest and recharge. All this space must be explored. We need to venture out, push boundaries, and discover limitlessness. Space, after all, is infinite, and we have the ability to create even more of it. There is no bottom to the depths nor ceiling to the heights beyond those we create for ourselves and others. Walls, while often powerful, are constructs, they are not the nature of the thing. Exploration at its core is not easy, and our exploration of various spaces won’t be either. Exploration is in our very nature, yet at the same time we are easily daunted by the difficulty and fear of what might lie in the depths of uncharted space. Often we don’t gaze far enough to acknowledge the beauty that we might also find there. And sometimes we are just too tired to embark on a grand expedition to anywhere, much less to the dark reaches beyond the black holes and nebulae deep inside us. Harry S. Haskins wrote, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” So it seems space really is the final frontier - inner space, that is.

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