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Mindful Moments

You know those moments when you are going full tilt, rushed and preoccupied, and then you see something? Or hear something? Or smell something? And it stops you in your tracks. Just for a moment? Lately I have been working on turning these moments into mindful moments - taking those brief seconds to lean into the moment and notice the details. To mark the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. Sometimes to snap a photo or start a haiku. To breathe and remember that breath. To cradle gently the wisp of light and bit of pause, like a few frames of slow motion in the middle of a continual, inescapable, multifaceted narrative. In the hopes of encouraging both myself and others in this practice, one category of this blog will be mindful moments - a space to share some of these mindful moments and other clips or bits that have created that space of suspended, focused, mindful noticing for me. Some will be original pictures and thoughts, while others will be shared from other sources. So, here’s a start. I recently attended a course on nonviolent communication. On the morning of the first day, I showed up to the outdoor teaching space a bit early in an attempt to settle my thoughts. I was rather unsuccessful, until I noticed. There it hung, a huge yellow leaf held in a swath of morning sunlight. I snapped a quick picture and stared at the leaf, counting out the syllables for haiku lines on my fingers.

Suspended. Stillness. Light plays, igniting color Breath before the plunge

So I breathed. And I plunged. And that moment impacted every other that followed. Got a mindful moment to share? Send it to

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