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Happy Place Moments

“Find your happy place and go there often,” she always says. What about finding your happy place where you are?

I led a site survey trip to northern Thailand last week - making connections and exploring options for a future project. Mostly I had been to the locations we visited before, yet we met and sat with many new people along the way who were inspiring and doing amazing things in amazing places. Throughout the trip, Irene’s statement kept coming back to me, prodding my conscious mind to stop and notice. And I discovered many “happy place” moments as the journey progressed. Some were in places I love or in reconnecting with wonderful people I enjoy and appreciate. Others involved particularly fulfilling cups of coffee, misty breezes, or the call of birds hidden unseen in the jungle.

I tried to capture these moments - to pause and somehow note their presence. And I wondered about the nature of the happy place and what it means to go there often. Maybe sometimes it means to notice the happy place moments as they occur each day, and to pause with them, intentionally breathing them in until they quietly drift away.

Here are a few of my happy place moments from this past week. What about yours?

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