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Space Bangkok Facilitates Online Too!

Space Bangkok has full online capacity and offers:

  • facilitation of strategic planning, problem solving discussions, and more

  • resilience work with your team to help them manage upheaval and stress

  • coaching/mentoring for professional development and/or resilience building

  • facilitation of larger online group events including workshops and conferences

All of this can be done online regardless of where your team members or event participants are sitting.

We bring the same creative, resilient approach to our online work as we do to our in person events.  All online engagements are custom designed to meet your objectives.

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Contact us at
to learn more and start planning your next online session with us.

Online Courses

The Space Bangkok Approach

Space Bangkok creates a pause from the frenetic pace of work and life to foster resilience and innovation. We do so through an elicitive, creative, and dynamic approach that kindles opportunities for creative reflection and encourages innovation, connection, and strengthened communication.  We provide the time, space, and setting for people to make tangible progress in overcoming obstacles, discovering new approaches, and developing experiential lessons.

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